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We can say that they are very thin coatings applied only to the front part of the tooth. Its execution requires great precision and artistry. It can be made as thin as 0.2 mm thick lens.


Sometimes it can be done without making any cuts on your teeth (preples lamina). It is a cult that has emerged recently. It requires very delicate workmanship. It is the most costly. Since it is generally made with an abrasion of 0.3 to 0.8 mm in the front area, there is very little material loss compared to other coatings.
• It is very durable with highly developed bonding products and can be used up to 30 years.
• It is the most aesthetic coating type that can be applied due to its laminated material.
• It provides the highest aesthetic result with the least material loss between coatings.
• Empress, emax and feltspatic laminated varieties are available. Empress and emax are reinforced ceramic infrastructures. Feltspatic, on the other hand, is entirely handcrafted and its infrastructure is ceramic.
• Naturalness is in the foreground in laminate. The reason for the naturalness is the light transmittance of up to 90%. Adhesion and material selection are of great importance in an application with this integrity. Therefore, it should be done by competent and experienced physicians.
• It is done within 2 to 5 days, often without anesthesia.


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